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U2 WOW !

U2 live at the Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town was the most amazing experience to watch – they have taken music concerts to another level. What I would have done to just workshadow on something on this scale – The “claw” as they call it was brilliantly utilized with 8 follow spot operators within the claw so neatly hidden, so effective..the screens were something else. Have never seen anything like it….I have directed many music concerts for broadcast as well as screen direction, to name but a few bryan adams, Luther Vandross, Sting, Smashing Pumpkins, Brian Mcknight,  Jamiroquai, Kanye West, Macy Gray, Israel Houghton and the New Breed, Yellow Jackets, and so much more . Each and everyone was an amazing experience and journey including Luther Vandross who brought me to tears demanding to hand over his multi-track as he was not happy with his singing and I had 3 days to sweeten in edit for broadcast. ..The good news is I still managed to get a good product on air…thanks to the brilliant live mixing of the audio.

It”s been a long day, but finally launched my twitter and facebook account, still more to do but apparently now official!!!!!!